Théo Fleurent

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Théo Fleurent

“Coming in Canberra for 7 months was the best decision of my life. I arrived in a wonderful orienteering community and my stay there was awesome.”

“This scholarship program is great. First it is a life experience with the possibility to travel, discover a new country, live in a new city with welcoming host families and meet new people. Australia is a dream destination, and Canberra is the perfect city for outdoors lover with plenty of bush, trails, bike paths and maps at a very close distance.”

“Then the coaching part is great with a lot of various missions: teaching orienteering at school, organising small events for kids, helping with events, preparing training maps, trainings sessions, training weekends, private coaching, mapping, etc. A lot is happening in Canberra for orienteering and be part of it was a great pleasure.”

“I of course recommend this program for any passionate orienteer who likes to travel, and feel free to contact me if you want to know more my experience.”