VIC – Victoria – Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Wodonga

In Victoria we are very lucky to have an amazing variety of orienteering terrains. The Ballarat region is famous for its complex Gold mining maps used for previous World Cups, The Bendigo area has great spur gully maps, Gold mining and the four terrific Granite areas used for WOC in 1985 and many Australian and Oceania championships. The North east of the state has famous granite areas and complex gold mining maps. Within 90 minutes of Melbourne are a mix of spur gulley gold mining and part granite maps. We also have a growing list of sprint maps.

The Melbourne orienteering scene runs all year with park street races all through the year, sprint series in spring and a variety of “forest or bush” programs. Melbourne is Australia’s sports capital with sports from cricket to Australian Rules football. We have everything as well as some of Australia’s best skiing mountains, wine regions and rock climbing. Melbourne has been voted the world most liveable city many times.

You can visit the Orienteering Vic webpage here: Orienteering Victoria

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