Ksenia Torganova

I  spent five wonderful months working as orienteering coach in Tasmania. I was working in beautiful Launceston city together with my colleague Katja (also a scholar from Russia). Our responsibilities were club’s training sessions, many events and orienteering lessons at local schools. 
I enjoyed many happy moments during my stay. I definitely improved my course planning skills, organizing skills and own orienteering level as well. Also it was a big pleasure to meet many nice Australians. I was very welcomed by local club members, they helped me to feel myself comfortable so far away from my home.
If you really love orienteering, coaching, event organizing, many physical activity, then this program is for you. Leave your home for a while, come to hot Australia, inspire others! This program brings many good things and opportunities into your life. 
I am very grateful to Esk Valley Orienteering Club for such an amazing experience on Tasmania. Time goes very fast, and I cannot believe that I am already at home. I will remember Australian adventures forever.

Jeremy Genar

Tasmania was paradise! So much walking and nature!

The Coaching in Residence Scholarship was definitely one of the best choices I made in my life. It exceeded all expectations. Staying with a host family is one of the best ways to get involved in the Australian way of life and me and Silke had an incredible time with our ‘new parents’. Spending your time on orienteering (as a job) is just the best thing in the world… Don’t dream on but sign up for the time of your life! 😉 Thanks to Orienteering Tasmania for the opportunity, we are forever grateful!

Christoph Prunsche

“The work as an Orienteering coach here in Tasmania is amazing not just because of beautiful terrain like “Pittwater” and the breathtaking landscape, but also because of all the young and keen runners and all the friendly orienteers in general. Compared to Germany, which is a very urbanized country, the Tasmanian landscape is just breathtaking and so is doing Orienteering here.”

“Besides that I helped to organize a training camp together with Brodie Nankervis for the Tasmanian Juniors in St. Helens, another great experience! We had some very good training days and a lot of fun together. Once again it is hard to not be jealous of all the beautiful Tasmanian forests, especially up in St. Helens. Back home in Germany most forests are not as technically demanding as here, because we have heaps of roads going through them, while during our training camp I was running on a road only twice – just like it should be!”