Visit Australia – Coach Orienteering

Visit Australia and Coach Orienteering or Make Maps.   Live with a local family and enjoy  orienteering ‘down under’ !

Bourse de coaching – Visitez l’Australie et enseignez la course d’orientation

Coaching Stipendium – Besuch Australien und gib Orientierungslaufunterricht

Trenérské Stipendium –  Podívej se do Austrálie a vyučuj orientační běh

Tränarstipendium – Besök Australien och lär ut orientering

This is an exciting opportunity for young people to visit Australia and coach orienteering. You will live with local families and have fun helping orienteers of all ages improve their skills and fitness.  We will help you with cash for your airfare and we will pay for most of your living costs and orienteering entry fees.

A coach-in-residence usually stays for 6 months, but any time from 3 to 12 months is possible. Most coaches visit Australia between September and April, but other times can also be negotiated, especially in places where the summers are too hot for orienteering!

Each year we will award several scholarships worth up to $2,000 cash and $500 in entry fees to talented enthusiastic persons to enjoy orienteering and coaching in Australia. 

There are six states in Australia and two territories. Coaches are engaged by a state or territory for the duration of their stay, but most coaches find the time to travel around the rest of Australia, either for orienteering competitions while they are coaching or for a holiday after their residence has finished. 

Typically, coaching will take about 20 hours per week, which leaves time to work in another job (if your visa allows it), train or just have fun. Most states also help coaches to earn some extra money making maps or teaching orienteering with our Sporting Schools program, however you shouldn’t rely on this. Coaching will cover your basic living costs but not your spending money!