Emil Granqvist

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Emil Granqvist

“Visiting Canberra has been an experience for life. It has given me so much, and I have developed in so many ways during my stay. From the first day everybody has been so friendly and welcoming, and I now know so many people here that it feels sad to leave.”

“The scholarship is an amazing opportunity to see another part of the world while doing something productive and appreciated. Living with orienteering families is a great way of seeing Australian culture and get thrown into the everyday life.”

“During my stay I have helped out with coaching individuals and groups, setting trainings, putting out and collecting controls and organizing events. It has been very enjoyable and fun to work with other people and see them develop. Especially working with the talented juniors who are not much younger than me, and work together with them to reach their goals towards a selection for JWOC in the coming years.”

“The work in Orienteering ACT took up a fair bit of time, but at the same time I have had great opportunity to train and focus on my own development as an elite orienteer. With coaching only taking up a few hours, most days I had time to train twice if I wanted to.  With good bush maps, mountainbike trails, a running track and lots of different gyms the training opportunities was great and I felt almost like living professional life. I ran the Twilight sessions every week, did intervals with the juniors and could prepare well for the Easter Carnival in March, which led to a victory in the WRE middle distance!”